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There is this notion that Louis “doesn’t” “care” “about” the fans, that every time he flips the bird or throws chicken nuggets or snipes at people online, it’s a sign of how he secretly (or not-so-secretly) harbors hatred for the fans and everything they stand for — but all that looks like to me, when you combine it with all the crossed eyes and silly voices and funny faces and joking around and tiptoes in pictures and calling them “love” and asking them not to tell anyone where he is and humoring their silly overexcited questions at football meet-and-greets and being interested in why they cry and defending them in interviews and insisting the band be themselves and getting the band to practice their dance moves and saying “watch out” when asked what he’d tell parents of girls who want to date the band and still performing innocent boyishness at the age of 22, is a big brother.  Like what if Louis Tomlinson looks at the fans, what if the only way Louis Tomlinson knows how to relate to the fans, is as a legion of little sisters: all these young women he’s tied to not by choice but by fate, he’s not naturally responsible but he’ll be responsible for their sake, and he gets annoyed sometimes, but most of the time he just wants them to be happy, and god help anyone who tries to hurt them.

(Source: styzles)

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